Dental & Vision

Dental Plans

In our experience, dental insurance is consistently the second most requested benefit among employees. While dental insurance has long been a core benefit provided by large employers, its relatively low cost makes it affordable to even the smallest company. Typically, dental plans cover such things as exams, cleanings and X-Rays with little or no out of pocket. Other services such as oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, crowns, dentures and bridges may be covered at 80 or 50 percent depending on plan design. Orthodontia is generally available to groups with ten or more participating dependents. Unlike managed care health plans, most dental plans allow participants the freedom to select the dentist of their choice.

Vision Plans

Often times vision benefits are overlooked, but can provide essential savings for employees. Many of our health insurance providers can add this benefit on to their coverage at minimal cost. Adding Vision benefit to your portfolio will ensure employees are aware of costs up-front.

Vision care is an essential component of any employer's wellness or health care program. Annual eye exams not only detect diseases of the eye like cataracts and glaucoma, but also enable early detection of other diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure. And, early identification and correction of sight problems in children can greatly aid in performance at school.